Digital radio switches on in Hobart

3 April 2019

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Commercial radio is now broadcasting on DAB+ digital radio in Hobart, offering listeners better sound quality and more choice, with three new DAB+ commercial stations now on air – KIX Country, Easy Hits and Triple M Classic Rock.

Joan Warner, chief executive officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia, said: “We’re pleased listeners in Hobart now have the option to listen on AM, FM and DAB+.  They can enjoy the benefits of digital radio, including better sound quality and more station choice, listen to their favourite station and try some of the new stations on offer.”

Consumers will need a DAB+ radio to receive the new services, but listeners who have purchased a new car recently may already have one as 65% of all new cars sold in Australia are now factory fitted with a DAB+ radio.  Listeners simply need to press scan or autotune on the radio to see the new stations appear in the station list.

Digital radio was introduced in the five major capital cities in 2009. More than 4.21 million people, or 30% of the population aged 10 and over, listened to DAB+ digital radio each week in the five metro capital cities in 2018.  The total number of DAB+ radios in Australia, including those in cars, rose to 4.73 million at the end of 2018.

Alison Cameron, chief executive officer of Grant Broadcasters said: “We’re pleased our Hobart listeners have permanent DAB+ broadcasts and we hope they will enjoy our new DAB+ station KIX Country.”

Southern Cross Austereo chief executive officer, Grant Blackley said: “DAB+ digital radio continues to grow and we’re excited to introduce SCA’s DAB+ stations to Hobart listeners.” 

DAB+ radios feature small screens with text information such as program information, the name of the song currently playing, and news and weather updates.  They are easier to use as stations are selected by name from a menu, with no need to tune by frequency.  Some also feature LCD screens with images.

Commercial stations on DAB+ radio in Hobart
Triple M Hobart
Easy Hits – Continuous Feel Good Favourites
Triple M Classic Rock - Classic rock that has stood the test of time
KIX Country Music – Hottest country music across Australia.

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