What is Digital Radio?

DAB+ is the most widely adopted digital radio standard worldwide, on-air in more than 40 countries including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Norway, Poland, Malta, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tunisia , Qatar, Kuwait, South Africa and of course Australia.  OFCOM in the UK has authorised use of DAB+ on the soon to be launched second national multiplex,  Arab States broadcasters have adopted DAB+ and trials are planned for Oman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain.  There is widespread interest in rolling out DAB+ in the Asia-Pacific and Southern Africa.

Broadcasting on different radio frequencies defines the characteristics of AM, FM and DAB+ transmissions. Whilst AM uses the longer wavelengths in the medium wave bands allowing the signal to travel further, the band suffers from interference, particularly in dense urban environments. FM broadcasts on VHF Band II (88-108MHz), a higher frequency offering improved sound quality to AM, the band is subject to multipath interference and is congested so it limits the ability for radio to expand or offer new features and functionality.  

DAB+ uses a far more advanced and technically robust transmission system and operates in Australia in VHF Band III (Ch9/9A).  Like other digital technologies, it uses higher frequencies which work extremely well in range but have a “cliff edge” drop off at the boundary of reception.  DAB+ is both a cost effective and spectrum efficient technology, allowing broadcasters to offer their popular analogue stations simulcast in digital quality, as well as new digital only stations. DAB+ uses a robust modulation which is designed for radio reception in mobile environments, such as vehicles and public transport.

Features and Benefits

DAB+ digital radio offers many features and benefits, enhancing the experience for radio listeners.

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